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Are you looking for the Best caption for FB photos? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here you will find the best quotes that you copy with a single click.

These quotes are not only limited to Facebook. Some users like to share on Instagram as Whatsapp status. Either you are a girl or boy we have quotes for both gender. I hope you are going to love these quotes.

Keep shining because it makes your haters Blind.
When life gives you lemon, squeeze them in your haters eyes.

attitude boys quotes

My attitude is uique gift which I am not obliged to explain anyone.
Yeah.. I have devil attitude, because only devil can rule the earth.
Love is easy, But king is busy in building empire.
A king is not born, He is made.
I don't prove myself in front of anyone, I'm human not a theorem.
I read the rules before breaking them.
My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.
Revenge sounds so mean, that's why I prefer to call it returning the favor.

attitude boys status

I treat my haters like a radio, I just don't listen to them,
The only difference between better and worst life is your attitude.
My level of maturity is depend on who I am with.
Corona or No corona, Staying awaY from people is always good idea.

attitude boys quotes

Stay foolish to stay sane.
No love No pain….
Stay single, only gain.
Let me stay quiet, believe me my answers can infect you.
Remember my anger is only 1  letter away form danger.
Don't enter my life. If you don't know how to stay.
Lions don't dream of hunting, they just go and hunt.
May be I'm late, But I'm great.
Don't annouce your movements, always surprise them.
Chase dreams, Not people.
Fly solo and get the gift of strongest wings.
Two ways to live life,  You are the king  or there is no king
Shine so bright that it burns their fucking eyes.
You need to be odd to become number one.
Don't walk as if you rule the world, walk as if you don't care who the hell rules the world.
some people are like school in July…. no class.
I don't exactly hate you. But if you were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it.
Find me where the wild things are.
I try to be a nice person, Sometimes my mouth doesn't corporate.
Hey! be Yourself and don't be a Ctrl+C
If they broken your innocent version! Then upgrade to monster version
I don't need a weapon, I am the one.

attitude boys quotes

Let your attitude attract someone, because beauty is not a lifetime ASSET.
Don't raise your voice, improve your arguments.
Yes, I too have a price tag, It's called self-respect.
Don't show me your attitude. My blacklist is bigger than your friendlist.
Be like diamond, Precious and rare, Not like a stone Found everywhere
Beauty maybe dangerous But attitude is lethal
"The devil whispered in my ear, "" You're not strong enough to withstand the storm"" Today I whispered in the devil's ear, "" I am the STORM"
Now I'm not a dream, I'm your worst nightmare.
I'm like telephone, I love to be held and talked to, but if you press the wrong button you get disconnected.
Attitude is a little thing that makes big difference
People always jealous of you when you LOOK GOOD or DOING GOOD.
Angel face, Devil thoughts.
No one likes me and No one is like me.
If someone calls you 'ugly' have a good comeback and say 'Excuse me, I'm not a mirror'
"Love me and I will move mountains to make you happy.
Hurt me and I'll drop those mountains on your balls."
They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same.
Maybe I'm villain in your story but I'm a hero in mine.
Don't be too sweet or they'll eat you.
Never hide your bad side to make someone stay. Show your bad side and see who can stay.
Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.
Handsome faces hide devilish minds.
We come from God but attitude is from the devil .
"So what if I am crazy? The best people are."
Don't be a "Model", Be a "Role-Model"
"Love me, I will show you heaven. Hate me, I will show you the hell."
Chin up princess or the crown slips.
Don't study me, you won't graduate.
Be the element of surprise, Making everyone else believe in magic.
Focus on becoming, not on having.
Down to earth but still above you
Good boys are Bad boys that haven't been caught.
My badness Bad for you but good for me.
"In every angel a demon hides, And in every demon an angel strides."
If they broken your innocent version! Then upgrade to monster version
I don't need a weapon, I am the one.
Life will fuck you, It's your choice how to take it as fun or rape.
In a world full of fish, Be a fucking shark.

bad boy quote

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.
The good I do is a Story. The So called Bad I do is HISTORY.
Teach your demons how to roam your mind without damaging your thoughts.
Your legacy is being written by yourself.
The good thing about bad boys is what they stand for is what they stand on.
I am not heartless, I just learned how to use my heart less.
Be quiet but notice everything.
Well-behaved men seldom make history.
Maybe I'm a villain in your story but I'm a hero in mine.

bad boy quote for whatsapp

You killed the innocent in me and Now deal with demon of me.
I am here for a good time, Not a long time.
If you are bad, I am your dad.
Let them hate. Just make sure they spell your name right.
"""Sweet as sugar
Cold as Ice
Hurt me once
I'll break you twice"""
Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go everywhere
Good Girls are Bad Girls that haven't been caught.
Every girl is a doll, Either Barbie OR Annabelle.

Attitude quotes for girls

Better the devil you know than the angel you don't.
"Not all girls are made of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. Some girls are made of Sarcasm, Wine and Everything fine."
I'm perfectly comfortable with the bounty on my head.
No one expects an angel to set the world on fire.
If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.
If you touch me I'll provide you with the opportunity to see if you can heal yourself.
Even a white rose has a black shadow.
"Be Handsome if you can, Be Witty if you must, But be Gracious if it kills you."
Try to stay away from me...because the way I look at you can make your heart melt.
I caught feelings, like a damn amateur.
You are important and you exist for a reason.
You look handsome if you carry a smile always on your face.
I'm not perfect, But I'm original.
Dress like you own the bank , Not like you need a loan from it.
A fit healty body is the best fashion statement.
"Work while they sleep. Learn while they party. Save while they spend. Look like they dream."
An intelligent man will open your mind, A handsome man will open your eyes, and A gentleman will open your heart.
I can't being handsome , it's just who I am.
Being handsome just comes  naturally to me!
While some people choose to be Handsome, I choose to be Gentleman.
A woman should never have to teach a man how to be a man. This should already come with the package.
People with passion, Make the impossible Possible.
Can you see the "fuck you" in my smile?

bad girl quotes

It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.
They wanna see you Good. But never better than them, Remember that.
Don't be proud if Everybody wants you. Cheap Items have many buyers.
"Hurt in private. Heal in Silence. Shine in public.
You are the sky, everything else is just weather, They will come and go.
Think like devil, Dress like gentleman.
Anyone can be heroic from time to time , but a Gentleman is something you have to be all the time.
Choose your lady wisely. She represents you.
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. And of course, NEVER GIVE UP.
"Being average is boring. Just level up."
You can work for the boss, or You can be the boss.
Dare to be different. This makes world notice you and your fucking enemies too.
If it makes her smile, Do it more often.
I'm not crazy, I'm just different from others.
Leave the bitch mode, Live in Rich mode.
Fashion is chaotic, and it can be an aggravation, but it is at its best when it allows you to express yourself.
What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Fashion is instant language.
Only dead fish go with the flow.
Looking handsome is an art, But Unfortunately no everyone is an ARTIST.
Clothes do not make the man. But when making the first impression, your wardrobe may speak louder than your actions- perhaps even louder than this world.
A million likes will never be enough if you don't like yourself.
"""Attract what you expect.
Reflect what you desire.
Become what you respect.
And mirror what you admire."""
Travelling around the world in one of the biggest joys life has to offer.So make sure you do it in style.
The first step to being respected is to look respectable.
"They say boys have Swagger.  Men have style.   But gentle man got both, with a great character to top all of you."
She's whiskey, In a teacup.
Be the art, that no one understands.
I am single as a dollar and I am not looking for a change.
Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion suceeds.
Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.
Arrive as a King, Leave as a Legend , Be remembered as a Gentlemen.
Stop worrying and start living.
Legacy is greater than currency.
Be a man with a plan. A dude with attitude and a gentleman with a glass.
A gentleman is what he wears on the inside.
Calling me cute is nice, calling me hot is great, but calling me yours is all I want.
Take care of your outfit and your confidence will take care of itself.
People will stare anyhow, so make it worth their while.
Make it simple but significant.
Create your own visul style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
Throw dust on me and watch me rise a garden.
The difference between Style and Fashion is Quality.
Dress as if You're already famous.
You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
The smarter you get the less you speak.
Be educated, work smart. Dress well, Get Money.
Be picky with your Clothes, Friends, and time.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.
Life is too short to wear boring clothes.
I make show contact before eye contact.
Always classy, never trashy and a little bit sassy.
Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince.
Confidence has no competition.
The body achieves what the mind believes.
She was poetry in a world, that was still learning the alphabet.
Once she doomed, Now she bloomed.
She smiled at the sun as they both had overcome the storm.
Be too glam to give a damn.
Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.
She is why poetry was invented to describe girls like her.
Beauty gets the attention But Attitude Gets the heart
She is fire and ice. You will fear the cold and crave the burn
I don't need a crown just to be called a beauty queen. Being true to myself is enough to say that i am a beauty queen from within.
In a world of trends, I want to remain a classic.
She is chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine.
Your face should resembles to moon.. and attitude should like sun..
Don't be just beauty queen.. Be a princess with full of attitude and status.
Don't just go through life. grow through life.
Confidence and smile is most beautiful jewellery a girl can wear.
Have a beautiful vibes in your majestic aura.
Sometimes, Stains and spots just increases beauty... Look at the moon.
Beauty lies in imperfections. Because imperfections are perfect.
Beauty is power and smile is sword.
She was that flower that bloomed in hell.
Avoiding others because they don't suit my way of life is tragic.
I will remeber and recover, Not forgive and forget.
Don't try to get inside my head It's too dark for you.
Life is a photography, edit it and you will notice world starts liking you.
Too many rules for body, not enough for the heart.
You are here for short visit. Be stylish and cool..
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
EXCUSE ME !!  I found something under my shoes... Ohhhhh.. It's your attitude.
People that are not used to quality. Always chase quantity.
If you have guts, Say it to my face. Not through your status.
"""Devil for Devil
Kind for Kind
It's my attitude, Don't mind."""
People don't need your feelings, Show them your attitude.
"""I am more than what you see.
I can do more than what you think."""
I can do more than what you think."
"Act like you trust people..But don't."
Darling, Be a woman who deals with ATTITUDE,Not with cuteness.
I Like to be Silent. But My Presence Speaks.
People Say I have an attitude problem. They don't know that They have a problem because I have Attitude.
It's Okay if you don't like me. Not everyone has good taste.
It's a shame, You can't photoshop your personality.
Go after dreams, Not people.
"Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon."
I am not a cigarette that you will smoke and crush. I'm a Drug baby. You will beg for me.
Strong woman don't have 'Attitude' . They have 'Standards'.
Delete Your EX, Shutdown, your Crush, Format your past, Program your heart and Restart your Life.
You are CEO of your life. Some people need to be hired, and some need to be fired.
Let your Attitude attract someone because beauty is not a lifetime ASSET.
You can't play the game with a girl who made the rules.
My Attitude is my Unique gift, which I am obliged to explain to anyone.
If you treat me like an option, I'll leave you like a choice.
Everything about a girl is soft, Her curves, her smile, her skin  Everything....except her Attitude.
I am not here to fit in your world. I'm here to make my own.
Even on my worst day I'm still killing it.
It's not your job to like me, It's mine.
Girl with the brain, women with Attitude, Lady with class, is a dangerous combination.
"I hate it when people compare me to others. come on; I have my own DNA."
I am a girl with not just beauty but also swag.
Your opinion of me doesn't define who I am.
Attitude is everything, So pick a better one.
A bad girl is expensive, But a real woman is priceless.
Blocking is for kids. I want you to see me and Burn.
Don't be easy to define. Let them wonder about You
I love people who gossip behind my back. That's exactly where they belong. Behind my back.
Feed your own Ego. I'm busy
Tread me like a joke. I will leave you like it's funny
If you can't be kind, be quiet
When you Stop Talking TO ME. Stop Talking about ME TOO.
Haters are like street dogs. Let them bark
Be the kind of queen. Who knows that her crown isn't on her head but in her soul
I'm aware that I'm rare
You are just like math. I hate math
Please cancel my subscription to your issues.

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