Amazing 77 Feeling So Alone Quotes And Sayings

Sometimes loneliness is good but sometimes it is bad. It all depends upon the situation. All mental issues like stress, depression start with feeling alone.

On the other side, if you don’t give enough time to yourself then again it is harmful to you. Either you are looking for negative quotes about feeling alone or positive quotes. We cover everything.

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Only a few people can handle the power of being alone.
The most lonely person is who tries to keep happy everyone.
Midnight is the time that shows you " Where you stand"
"People alone for two reasons:
Either their minds have been opened
or their hearts have been broken.."

feeling so alone quotes

Don't wait for a person with a torch in your dark life. Everybody is alone and have their own life.
When you understand your inner self, You can never be alone.
The person I needed the most, Taught me I don't need anyone.
"Everyone leaves...
It's as simple as that."
My head doesn't care...But my stupid heart does...
"Be Someone who makes you happy. Not Be with someone...
Understand the difference."
Wolf come in groups. But the lion is always alone.
Sometimes you just want nothing, No happiness, No Sadness, NOTHING. Just to be alone.
"Being Alone is the energy that charges you to deal with all the bullshit.
Make sure you charge yourself regularly."
Scared to get close, 
Hate being alone."
"Sleep is best as you don't miss anyone and don't feel any pain.
But it's difficult to get sleep."
Life can be too good to be alone or Life can be too bad to be alone.
Being alone is better than the company of people who waste your efforts.
My favorite place is ALONE to be.
Alone is what I have, Alone is what makes me strong.

alone quotes

"Only a Few people can proud themselves when they are alone...
Can you??"
Beautiful things are seen in alone time.
Although you are living with the whole word, Yet You are alone inside.
If you think you are alone, Talk with nature you'll find the answers.
Feeling alone is like someone had stolen me from my inside. Now, I am just a hollow person.
You can end up to be alone, But never end up with people who make you feel alone.
Inhale the peace, Exhale the loneliness.
Many journeys of life traveled alone.
Depression: When we feel alone in a room of our favorite people.
Biggest lie on earth is, " I will be always with you."
Sometimes I feel that we come on earth just to learn how to survive alone.

loneliness quotes

"Alone is when you are silent outside, and feel noise outside
Peace is when you feel silence inside, and outside noise doesn't affect you."
I am in cage in inside me.
It's better to be alone than to be with fake people.
When you build alone, People don't know what to attack.
"Walk alone...
Grow with yourself."
Physical distance doesn't make you alone, It's the silence which breaks you.
Best thing about being alone is that nobody can hurt you.
I am learning enjoy being alone, My soul is at peace it silence.
Every loneliness doesn't give you peace, Some leave you broken.
Strongest direction is when you walk alone.
If there's no one to hold your hand, put your hands in your pocket and continue your walk.
Even you are full of pain, But sometimes the only option you have to be strong.
I like my music so loud So that I can't hear my thoughts.
Being alone is scary, But not as scary as feeling alone in relationship.

good positive quote about alone

A lion makes great things Alone.
Give yourself Alone time, But don't give loneliness.
Sometimes your over kindness can leave you alone.
Alone Is not a Situation When People Know You But Don't Understand You.
Being alone and feeling alone are two different things.
When you ask to leave alone, You need someone most at that time.
People can't give power you, But You alone can power yourself.
Loneliness is like you are drowning inside yourself and no one is watching.
Caterpillar gets its wings in season of loneliness.
Seas are alone but they are enormous. Be like it.
Being alone can be your choice, It hurt most when you have no other option.
It's ok to live a life that others don't understand.
They say everything happens for a reason, But sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.
Lonely is a man without love.
Lonely souls are in an eternal desert.
I am alone today because of my own expectations.

feeling so alone quotes

I am not fine, I am just fine at pretending that I'm.
Never rip yourself into pieces just to keep others whole.
Nothing is worse when the only one who loves you, leaves you alone.
"I'll be okay," I am telling myself whenever I feel alone from the last many years.
Sometime Songs understand you, but no other person do.
While disconnecting other people from loneliness, You can lose yourself.
I am left with nothing now, Not you even not me.
You break me and take the pieces with you, I can't even join me.
Alone Time is the home creativity
The Biggest Reason for Stress is loneliness
Spend Time With Yourself. But Don't Ignore Others
All Mental problems start from being alone
According to Howard University Biggest Reason For Happiness is Your relationships. Give Time To your Family Don't Be Alone
You Don't Need Money For Happiness. You Need Better Relationship
Great things come to you when you are alone
Spending time with yourself is your healing time
Spending time with yourself is not loneliness

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