Sad Love Quotes That Will Make You Cry

Did you know in research it is found that falling in love produces several euphoria-inducing chemicals in the brain that are also produced by cocaine? In other words, Love can additive like cocaine.

Life always has up & downs. Sometimes we become happy when we fall in love and sad about the breakup.

A broken heart is one of the most painful thing in this world. Some people face depression, can’t maintain their work-life balance, etc. If you are sad and looking for love quotes that will make you cry then you are on the right page.

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Please tell her, meaning of separation is not, to forget.
"I don't know what we are
But I miss what we were."
What cannot be said will be wept.
I wish I hugged you tighter the last time I saw you.
How I miss the parts of me that I gave to you and never got back.
I can wipe the tears from my eyes, but I can't wipe the pain from my heart.

teary quote about love

"Days will pass and turn into years,
but I will forever remember you with Silent TEARS."
Sometimes tears are a sign of unspoken happiness, and a smile is a sign of silent pain.
You aren't afraid of new love, You are afraid of old pain.
People cry, not because they're weak. It’s because they've been strong for too long.
"IF you hurt me, I CRY
IF I hurt you, I CRY
Love has all weathers as nature have. It Begins With A Smile,  Grows With A Kiss,  And Ends With A Teardrop.
Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I'm drowning.
When the pain is deep, Tears are dry as the desert.
If you need me i'm here, If you don't, i'm still here..
The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face. They're the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul.
"You will never know
I will never show."

Sad Teary Quotes About Love That Can Make You Emotional

"You are my pain, You are also my pleasure
But whatever you are mine."
The pain will leave once it's done teaching you..

sad love quotes that will make you cry

" Crying Alone,
What an art,
Questions are yours and Answers also..."
"I'm not enough I know, So let me go.
It hurts to be half loved."
"Care too little, you will lose them.
  Care too much, you will get hurt."
And If you've never feel your soul being torn apart, You've never loved anyone with all your heart.
Funny how losing someone ruins your ability to love anyone else just as deeply.
I just wish I could lose these feelings as fast as I lost you.
"People go,
But how they left always stays."

sad love quotes that will make her cry

Sometimes the people you care about and wanted as part of your story are only meant to be a CHAPTER.
"Love is available everywhere. Care is limited edition emotion.
But When you started caring too much, you started losing yourself."
This whole time, I've been loving a memory.
"Why is it that when the story ends we begin to feel all of it."

sad love quotes that will make you cry

"Finally realized that I was never asking for too much, 
I was just asking the wrong person."
Nothing was very easy..But may be that was the beauty of it.
"one day
That name will not
make you smile anymore.
Those memories will not make you cry anymore.
Don’t worry, you'll heal.
It will take time, but you will surely heal."
There is nothing more dangerous than a man who can no longer cry.
You don't miss the person, You miss the feeling.
Love is a necessary tragedy.

sad love quotes that will make you cry

Love made the danger in you look like safety.
Sometimes we love too deeply, and it makes us laugh and bleed.
Love tastes like honey and stings like thousands of bees.
I could be anything in this world. But I wanted to be her.
I couldn't heal because I kept pretending I wasn't heart.
The rain falls because the clouds can no longer handle the weight, Tears fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain.
Time can heal a broken heart. But time can also break a waiting heart.
No matter how much you HATE them, When you see them getting HURT , you start CARING again.
I just love rain, because when I cry in rain it feels like someone is wiping my tears.
Love gives pain everyone, some are writhing the pain, some are reading the pain.
One heart is falling, Another one is breaking. Every heart is pawn in love.
Sometimes all you can do is SMILE. Move on with your day, hold back a wave of tears and pretend you are OKAY.
If you genuinely love someone, don't ever decorate their eyes with TEARS, their ears with LIES, and their heart with A WOUND.
I will wait always but never call you.
The one, who was my life,  is not in my life now.

sad love quotes that will make him cry

"Someone asked me, ""who is she? 
I replied, "" My last wish"""
The most painful Pain is Silence.
Love can be one sided. But relation can never be..
I hate you because I cannot hate you.
It’s better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel. Because It hurts badly when you come to know that they can hear you. But CAN NOT UNDERSTAND.
When you are in love , Life seems beautiful. But when love leaves you, Life seems punishment.
It hurts to know that you will never look at me , the way I look at you.
Some memories have the power to knock your heart at 3 AM and Soak your eyes with water.

crying quotes for her

When the pain is deep, Tears are dry as the desert.
"I lost something I never had.
Yes it hurts, Just as bad."
"Smiling while crying is not so hard ...
the damn hard is ...
hiding teardrops, with smiles"
I always thought that I was your first priority, But lately realised I was not even your last.
Sometimes feelings stay, even you beg them to leave.
"Thread in the candle asked,” When I get burned, why do you weep?”
Candle smiled and replied, “ When the person, who lives in your heart, is leaving. How one can stop the tears”"
"I smiled,
We are under the same sky at least."
"My eyes refuse to watch you leave,
So tears will blur the memory."
"It beats,
It breaks,
It loves,
It aches,
For you,only you."

sad love quotes that will make you cry

My lonely place everywhere you aren't.

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