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A lot of times in Your LIfe We make mistakes and later on regret it. Sometimes We got a second chance to change our decision. But in some special occasions, we have only 1 chance.

Either you are looking for positive quotes about second or another chance. Or you are looking for quotes to motivate about your first and last chance. You will get both quotes here.

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Few people deserve second chance because they were not quite for the first.
Not everyone  deserves the second chance especially not for the same mistake.
Life is not ended.. If you have tomorrow, You have second chance.
Second chance is like a free hit, Make sure to hit a sixer.
"Its Now or Never
No next time, No second chance."
If someone is hustling hard to change, Forgive them and give them chance to transform.

second chance rare

"Second chance are Rare.
Use your first wisely."
Sometimes Ending of any relationship  is  a Second chance of your life.
Don't give another chance who hurt you, If you want to give second chance give it to yourself.
It is always better to restart or recreate than beating yourself up over a wrong thing.
Rewinding life is impossible.  But Do-Over's are possible.

second chance positive quotes

Every tomorrow is a Second chance.
Don't wait for too long.. Sometimes there is no second chance.
God always give you the another chance to change your life.
Starting again is just about the bravest thing you can do.
Dear earth, Please forgive us and give us another chance.

relationship second chance negative quote

I can forgive you, But can't give you another chance....
Sun rises daily and teaches us that we always have chance to rise and shine again and again.
Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go; Just don't serve them tea.
Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.
Don't let your current circumstances or a past make you forget about your shine.
The highest risk in life is not taking any risk.
If you're not happy with yourself today, Always remember that You always have chance to recreate yourself.
No matter how hard the past life is you always have chance to begin again.
Embrace the every ending of life. Because it's new beginning.
There are always two ways of seeing something.

success second chance quote

If you give your 100% then you don't need any second chance
Use Second Change as Backup not as a Secondary Way
First Chance is Always Better Than Second Chance.
There is no Place of Second Chance in Relationship.
If a Person can Cheat you When everything is fair. Then Second Chance is Waste Of Time
"If you Lose even By Giving your best ,
then Soon you will get second chance for sure."
Another Day, Another Chance, Another hope, Another opportunities.
If plan '1 Fails, Always remember there are unlimited number....
Every Successful man face failure. But they make it in next chance....
If you failed, get another chance at least you will fail better.

second chance quotes

Light Bulb Takes 1000 Chances. How Many You Need?
Failure is good because it follows 'Next step'

success quotes second chance

The Key To Success Is Another Try.
There is no thing in life like 'Last chance'.
We give our best in second chance because we have the experience of first one.
Next Attempt Result Depend Upon Previous Attempts Learning
Every Master was Once a Disaster. Become Master By Giving Another Try.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, choose a second chance and recreate it for you.

Steve job second chance quote

Apple's MacinTosh was a Failure  at first.       Congrats..... You are On Same Way

iron man second chance

Better Results Come From Second Chance .
Be like ' Unable to uninstall'
When there is any error or problem, Even your phone tells you "please try again later".
"If life give you , make lemonade 
Otherwise grab tequila and salt."
"Choice is yours 
Take the risk or lose the chance...."

second chance quotes

"Someone asked, ""what if I fall?""
another one replied, "" What if you fly?"""
Second chance can bring you another level of life.
God gives the option of "Start over again" to all.
Every autumn leaf flutter toward rebirth from the autumn tree. Nature also believes in second chance.
In first chance you only knew that what to do? But in second you know How to do?

second chance quotes

Grab a second chance..Get some new dreams...  Have a excited COMEBACK.
Don't wait for the right chance... Create it.
Nothing is more expensive than missed chance.

second chance quotes jack ma

If a second chance does not knock, Build a door....
Chances are closer than you think.
Ability is nothing without opportunity.
Word Crisis has two character, One is danger and other is Chance.
How to make the best use of any Chance, learn from Corona.

second chance quotes

May The Tears you cried , water the seeds you're planting.
The more chances you give someone the less respect they'll start to have for you.
Failure is the Chance to begin again only more intelligently.
Bigger the challenge, Bigger the Chance.

second chance quotes

Second chance doesn't always mean happy ending. But it may be a chance to end things in right way.
Second chance means a Story of a Changer.
Take a Chance, Life is too short.
God's timing is always right.
For first impression, there is no second chance.
If you get second chance, Don't waste it.
Have enough courage to trust love one more time.
Live life like there is no second chance.
Life can give you many chances..But Life itself has no 2nd chance of living.
If you are breathing, You have second chance.

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