She Hates Me Quotes For Broken Heart Peoples

Believe it or not, it happens with almost every person. You like the opposite gender person and then he/she doesn’t like you or somehow starts hating you.  All these things are part of life.

Anyway, we put pressure on our minds to get the following Quotes. We Hope You will like it.

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she hates me quotes

"First , she changed me And now she hates me. Then why she changed me??"

she hates me quotes

"She hates me for no reason, I love her for all reasons."
Now she hates me the same way she loved me .
"It hurts when you love her most in the world and 
She hates you most in the world."
"But a coincidence..
I hate myself...and She also hates me."
"It's ok if you hate me. 
Because if you love me I will be in your heart. and 
If you hate I will be in your mind. 
Sometimes the only option to live happily is HATE HER. But It's not that easy.
It's better to hated by her for what I am than loved for what I am not.
Love and hate are such strong word, Both cause so much pain.
"Today she hates me for a reason
But one day she will love me for the same reason."
Her mind hates me But Her heart Loves me. Let's see who will win.
Hating someone means someday you loved him and you are struggling to forget him. When you have to struggle to forget you started to hate.
Why can't you tell that you love me? You may end up making you hate someday.
When I was Fake she was in love with me.  Being real get me hated.
"Do you know why your hate is hurting me??
Because I love you , Otherwise I don't give a damn what people think about me."

she hates me quote

She hates me But not as much I love her.
"She left no stone unturned in hating me
Then how can I left any stone unturned in Loving her."
I hate you But I can't stop loving you.
I wish I could hate you as you as much I loved you.
"Only one thing is common between us...
We both hate me."
"Because I Loved her..
Everyone started to hate me including me and you."
One day, you will behave like me and another person will behave like you, One day....
You will hate yourself if I start to behave like you
If you don't love me You have no right to hate me.

she hates me quotes

"Thank God You Hate. At least You are real now. I was Loving the fake version of your."
"You can't hurt unknown
You can only hurt people who love you.
So I am trying to convert my love into hate."
"Just For one moment, try to understand My Feelings,
 You will not hate me..."
Is this my overthinking that you hate me Or you do really?
"I wish I could love myself as I love you
I would be the happiest person."
Nothing gonna change in my life if you hate me. Yours are Just Hurting yourself.
I love you even when I hate you.
Both Love and Hate have the same power. Only Love can end Hate. Only Hate can end Love.
One thing good about Hate is that People in hate are always real. But people in love can be fake.
"You are the only person in this world to whom I do love, and I do hate
Still you are special."
"I Love-hate. and I hate Love. 
as simple as that."
"How stupid I am
I should hate you. But I am loving you more and more."
"My Hate is very much expensive. First make yourself at that price. 
You are very far away from my love."
"Loving you was my biggest mistake.
Hating you is my biggest weakness."
"Someday I wanted to Live with you.
Today I don't even want to die with you."
"I started to love her in her bad time.
and She started to hate me in her good time."
People say that Love is the second name of GOD. Then why GOD give us the emotion of HATE.
"I was falling in love with her more and more without even trying.
But I am failed in doing hate even if I  am giving my best.
Love is easy. Hate is not."
"When She was in love with me, She didn't notice anything without me. She proved LOVE IS BLIND.
When She hates me, She is not listening to anything. She proved HATE IS DEAF."
"I am fighting with myself for loving you.
So I started to hate you. 
And again, I am fighting with myself for hating you."
Love can come with error But Hate can't.
Every time when I try to forget you, My Hate makes me remember you. I Hate You so much That even I can't forget you. It's Painful.
"Nobody can Love you like me. 
and Nobody can Hate you like me."
Hate is the Second version of Love. You can't Love everybody. You can't Hate everybody.
She didn't understand my Love when she was in Love... Then How can she understand my Love In Hate.
"If there is Faith, There come, Love,
If there is mistrust, There come Hate."
Liking, Loving, Tears, Separation, Hate, are the Part of Same journey.
I am at that point in my life where I Love You 100% and I hate you 100%. I am stuck here.
"People didn't tell you to love me, But You did.
When People told you to hate me, Again You did."

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